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What We Offer


  • A broad-based curriculum combining basic skills with fine arts, multicultural studies, self-awareness/self-development courses, leadership skills, physical fitness, extra curricular activities, science, and computer technology.
  • Individuals attention in a small classroom and campus setting.
  • Promotion of enthusiasm for work and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Summer enrichment program that strengthens their math and science knowledge.
  • Compete in UIL academic and athletic competitions.
  • A fine arts program that performs plays on a school and city wide basis.
  • Encouragement to develop a sense of duty and responsibility to ourselves and to our community.
  • A commitment to produce graduates who exceed the basic requirements for functioning effectively in society.
  • Enthusiastic and culturally diverse staff.
  • Free tuition
  • A strong emphasis on family and school relationships.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

created by Player Richardson